Standing on a Whale Fishing for Minnows

If you are like me you usually look to the outside world to explain why things are going well or not so well in your life.

I’m in a bad mood because my friend is being a jerk. I got angry this afternoon because somebody cut me off on the interstate highway. I’m in a really good mood now because I’ve just earned some extra money.

All of these things might be true but the Polynesian reference to standing on a whale and fishing for minnows tells us that we’re looking in the wrong direction. The whale represents our inner ground of being. What I would call our deep unconscious mind. That is where we truly live, and that is where we need to look if we want answers to our deepest questions.The little minnows swimming around out there in the outer world are not really making me happy, miserable or whatever. It’s the center of my being that is making life wonderful or horrible for me. If I want answers to life’s mysteries, that’s where I need to look. Leave the minnows alone and check out the whale beneath your feet.

This blog is an invitation to talk about the deep stuff. About the power of our unconscious minds. It is about helping each other free up some our deep inner life-giving energy so that it can enrich and enliven our experience of being alive. In the process, we will expand our understanding of ourselves and the people around us.

Many people would say that hypnosis is a baffling, magical, even miraculous state of mind. And they would be right. Even after we separate myth from reality, hypnosis remains impressive. It provides us a window into the unconscious mind with all of its powers and deep wisdom. It is also impressive because hypnosis gives us a tool for tapping into those powers and freeing them to flow forth and enrich our daily lives.

Stick around and you’ll learn about the fascinating history of hypnosis over the centuries. You’ll read dramatic examples of the power of hypnosis. There will be articles CDs and, discussion forums, and, of course, the book to teach you self-hypnotic techniques to deepen your connection with your unconscious mind, and help you improve your life and to help summon the dreams you will want to further explore.

Did you know insomnia can kill? Or did you know that a jury acquitted a man of the vicious murder of his mother-in-law because they believed he was sound asleep when he committed the crime?

We will be exploring the mysterious world of sleep.  We tend to take each night’s journey for granted because it is so familiar. It is, of course, during these hours of mystery and unconsciousness that dreams are woven into existence. But there is much more to this alternate universe than the islands of dreaming that appear there. Gaining knowledge of this other world, where we spend almost a third of our lives, will bring us understanding and power.

You will learn about the cycles of a night’s sleep and different stages of sleep. Other topics include a startling example of violent sleepwalking; cases of sleepers who act out their dreams; people who suffer from a disorder that throws them into unconsciousness right in the middle of the day; and other fascinating examples of unusual sleep happenings.

We will also delve into an adventure into the land of dreams. Dreams are a rich treasure, a gift from what seems like another world.  They come from the same place as the ideas of geniuses, the same place from which the world’s great creative masterpieces have sprung.

Each night in our dreams we also revisit our ancient common ancestors. Their dreams have become our dreams. Our dream landscapes are from their world. Many of our dream characters share a common origin rooted in our ancestral history. At the deepest levels of our unconscious minds we have more in common than we think. So being in touch with dreams reminds us of those common bonds and therefore can strengthen and enrich our collective lives.

We will explore together how dreams have been understood through the ages. And we will discuss some of the best ways to work with dreams to release their liberating power into our waking lives. Our shared quest will be to gain more contact with our reservoirs of inner wisdom, making them more accessible to us.

Our explorations into dreams will lead us into a discussion of the cases of people who report having dreams that predict the future. In fact, many people who were once skeptical about the possibility of things like mental telepathy, become much less sure of their skepticism once they begin to remember and share their dreams with others. This discussion will lead into the topic of extrasensory perception and the surprising results of recent research on the subject.

My hope is that our shared journey will bring us into a fuller appreciation and increased faith in our own souls. Modern psychologists and other thinkers have tended to shy away from using the term soul and instead prefer the terms mind or psyche. But the traditional term for the innermost part of our being is the word soul. Let’s stand up for the soul. The work called for is the inner work that brings energy, creativity and nourishing personal growth.

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