Self-hypnosis and Our Sensory World

For some of us, the world is a visual playground full of all kinds of sights to feast our eyes on. For others, the world is full of sounds. Still others seem to feel their way through their days.

Of course, if our sensory equipment is working properly, we use all three kinds of ways of being in the world. But the interesting thing is that most of us have a favorite channel of experience. To get the most out of your self-hypnosis work, it would be a good idea to figure out which kind of person you are. That is why there are four different introductory self-hypnosis inductions available on this website. (One that emphasizes each of the three sensory modalities, and one that is mixed)

Early in your self-hypnosis practice, induction seems to go more smoothly when the words used are matched with your primary way of sensing the world. Later on, it doesn’t make very much of a difference

One way to figure out which sensory system is your favorite, is to focus on how you experience the world around you when things are calm and not much is going on. At such times, notice what you’re experiencing. While you’re taking a walk, do you tend to be aware of what your eyes are seeing? Do you notice colors, lightness, darkness, contrasts, and so on? Or are you more aware of the sounds going on around you? Do you notice the sound of the wind in the trees or traffic nearby or the sounds of birds? Or are you more aware of things like the warmth of the sun on your skin, the breeze against your face or the feel of the ground beneath your feet?

What you’ll find as you become more aware of this kind of thing is that it’s a pretty mixed bag. But you may notice that one of these ways of experiencing the world is a little more dominant than the other two. Or you may find it difficult to decide which sensory modality is dominant or you may decide that you use a pretty balanced mixture of all three.

There is a more detailed explanation of all of this in my book Your Genius Within

So, for your first hypnosis experience it is best to use a script tailored to your primary sensory preference. In this way, you quickly strengthen your ability to go into self-hypnosis. Once you have achieved some hypnosis practice, you can then move on to applying what you’ve learned to specific goals, such as improved dream recall, getting a better night’s sleep or quitting smoking, among many other possibilities. These later scripts need not be tailored to your sensory preference.

Recordings for many self-improvement projects are available on this website.

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