Review of Sleepwalk With Me

An award-winning independent American film released in 2012 tells the story of a standup comedian’s struggles in dealing with rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD)

You may recall that REM sleep behavior disorder results when the usual paralysis does not occur during REM sleep to prevent the dreamer from acting out their dreams. Since we dream every night the disorder can be very disruptive and dangerous if untreated and if the dreamer remains unrestrained and unprotected. There have been cases where sufferers have severely injured themselves or others.

Comedian and writer Mike Bibiglia wrote, directed and starred in the somewhat autobiographical tale of a troubled young aspiring comedian. The movie realistically depicts the dramatic behaviors associated with RBD. At one point the protagonist is doing battle with a hamper that he thinks is a jackal, later he runs half naked down a motel corridor knocking cleaning equipment over and otherwise raising Cain. The behavior that finally drives him to seek help is when he dives through a glass window of his second-floor hotel room and nearly bleeds to death from cuts to his legs.

At the end of the film the protagonist is getting used to sleeping in a sleeping bag with cumbersome mittens to prevent him from acting out his dreams and doing damage to himself, others or property.

The movie presents an accurate depiction of the disorder and weaves the story around it in such a way as to keep the action moving and the entertainment value high.

Check out the following links to see the movie trailer and some more extensive descriptions of the movie, its critical acclaim and the awards it garnered.

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