Mixed Sensory Induction

This recording will guide you through an effective self-hypnosis technique to enable you to tap into your imagination and your unconscious mind. This technique will help you achieve your self improvement goals and live a richer and fuller life.

With this recording you will be experiencing a basic induction that will quiet your mind and relax your body. These benefits alone will bring you new peace and health. Listening to this recording provides you with an experience similar to practicing meditation. Many people find it difficult to learn meditation and practice it consistently. If you are one of those people you may find yourself more able to focus your mind using this recording.

This induction procedure will also lay the foundation for further work you may choose to do later. Some of your goals might be to improve dream recall, get a better night’s sleep or quit smoking, among many other possibilities. This induction will get you off to a good start.

You may already know that all of us experience the world through the three main sensory windows of seeing, hearing and touching. For some people one of these three is dominant. For others there is a balance. This recording leads you into hypnosis with a blend of all three. It is designed for people whose sensory world is balanced. It is also for those who are unsure of their pattern. So this induction will work well for anyone.

As you regularly listen to this recording not only will your self-hypnosis experience of relaxation and well-being deepen over time but these benefits will increasingly spread into your everyday waking life. You will feel more energized and peaceful throughout your days.

In this recording you will also be learning a simple self hypnosis exercise that you can do on your own. It only takes two or three minutes to do, so you can practice it as many times during the day as you like. The more you practice it the more relaxing and enjoyable it will be. You can use it to center and ground yourself during brief breaks in the midst of a busy day.

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