Healthy Eating


This recording will be guiding you through a self-hypnosis experience to help you maintain a healthy diet. You can listen to this hypnosis induction at any time but it will be especially effective when you played in the background as you are going to sleep at night. You will also be learning a self-hypnosis procedure to practice on your own, on those nights when this recording is not available or for whatever reason you choose not to use it.

For the best results listen to this recording once a day or at bedtime for several weeks. Not only will you improve your ability to maintain a healthy diet, but your self-hypnosis experience of relaxation and well-being will deepen over time. These benefits will increasingly spread into your everyday waking life. You may feel more energized and peaceful throughout your days. This may especially surprise you because many people expect maintaining a healthy diet to be a stressful and anxiety producing experience.

Toward the end of this recording you will be learning the simple self-hypnosis exercise I mentioned earlier. This technique will take advantage of the twilight zone between being awake and being asleep that we all passed through every night. You will learn a phrase that will reinforce your ability to maintain a healthy diet.

Because you will sometimes be listening to this recording at bedtime you may very well drift off to sleep while listening. That’s perfectly fine. In fact the posthypnotic messages that you will be giving yourself will continue to settle deeply into your mind as you doze off to sleep. Occasionally people also drift off while listening to this recording during the day. That’s also fine as long as you have time to take a nap. If not, you might want to set an alarm or ask someone to awaken you just in case.


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