Bedtime Self-Hypnosis

This recording has been prepared to maximize the effectiveness of the bedtime self-hypnosis technique described elsewhere on this website. You can learn and practice this technique by reading and following the instructions that are also available on this website. This technique will help you achieve your self-improvement goals and live a richer and fuller life. It will enable you to give yourself direct posthypnotic suggestions to change your waking life in positive ways. This procedure takes advantage of the twilight zone between being awake and being asleep that we all pass through every night.

The advantage of using this recording rather than just following the instructions on this website is that the recording will lead you into a state of self-hypnosis where you’re learning will be such that your practice will gain power and effectiveness very quickly.

You will learn how to repeat a brief and positive self hypnotic phrase. The phrase you’ll learn during this recording is a general affirming self suggestion. Once you’ve practiced the technique for a while, you can create your own phrase. You will then be able to use this technique to address a wide range of personal improvement projects.

In order to thoroughly learn this technique, listen to this recording once a day for about a week. The repeated listening will help you to practice this bedtime method with maximum power.

This recording will begin by taking you into a state of relaxed self-hypnosis. It is while in this state that you will most effectively learn how to practice the bedtime self-hypnosis technique on your own.

Please don’t listen to this recording while driving a car or doing anything where safety requires your full attention.

A List of Suggested Bedtime Self-Hypnosis Phrases

The following phrases are suggestions for the indicated self-improvement projects. But keep in mind that the phrase you use should be comfortable for you and strike you as natural and meaningful to repeat at bedtime. So it is not only acceptable but recommended that you modify the phrases to fit your own style and purposes.

Sticking to a healthy diet: “I feel full and satisfied on my healthy diet.”

Getting a good night’s sleep: “I sleep peacefully and soundly the whole night through.”

Overcoming the fear of public speaking: “I feel calm and confident while speaking in front of a group.”

Improving dream recall: “I welcome and remember my dreams.”

Increasing lucid dreaming: “I’m becoming increasingly aware while I’m dreaming.”

Relaxation and stress management: “I slow down and find peace in the midst of my days.”

Overcoming the fear of flying: “I feel comfortable and safe while I’m flying.”

Combating regret: “I focus on today and look forward to tomorrow.”

Overcoming procrastination: “I successfully tackle one manageable task at a time.”

Enhancing creativity: “My inner creativity is becoming increasingly available to me.”

Increasing self-confidence: “I feel my self-confidence growing stronger every day.”


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