Lucid Dreams Help with Nightmares

The online publication Livescience recently reported on research demonstrating the r-NIGHTMARES-large570advantages of lucid dreaming especially for people suffering from nightmares and even more specifically for those with the sleep disorder narcolepsy. The research was conducted by Martin Dresler researcher at the Max Planck Institute for psychiatry in Munich Germany.

As discussed in the book Your Genius Within, a lucid dream is one in which the dreamer is aware that the dream is a dream and not waking reality. That awareness can facilitate dream recall, help with the understanding of the meaning of dreams and help the dreamer cope with nightmares by reducing their terror when one realizes that the events or threatening characters are residing in the dream world and not the waking world.

People who suffer from narcolepsy have especially vivid nightmares and seem to spend a good deal of their sleep time in a kind of halfway place between being awake and being asleep. In this state vivid dreams and the paralysis that accompanies REM sleep can be especially frightening. Cultivating lucid dreaming can help ease the anxiety.

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