Hypnosis for Paint Management, Part II

pain managementThis blog is a follow-up to an earlier entry about the use of hypnosis in pain management.

A recent CBS news story entitled Hypnosis is the New Anesthesia” describes the increasing popularity of using hypnosis in place of general anesthesia in modern medicine. The story presents a description of a patient named Crystal Place who underwent thyroid surgery at a major hospital in Brussels Belgium.

At a number of Belgian hospitals over 8000 surgical procedures have been performed using hypnosis and local anesthesia instead of the often used general anesthesia. The types of surgeries include thyroid gland removals, breast surgery and other surgeries that don’t involve the heart or other internal organs.

According to an Associated Press release quoted by the CBS news story, there is evidence that hypnosis leads to quicker healing, fewer complications and decreased postoperative bleeding.

This story and others found in a number of media outlets points to the increasing acceptance of hypnosis for pain control in the medical profession and among the general population.

It is interesting to note that in some ways hypnosis has come full circle because in the early days of hypnosis almost 200 years ago, pain relief and management was the major contribution that hypnosis or what was then sometimes called animal magnetism made in the medical community of that era.

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