Hypnosis Can Improve Sleep

sleeping babyWeb M.D. and Health Day recently reported that a scholarly article appearing in the Journal Sleep has found that hypnosis can deepen sleep by increasing the amount of time spent in slow wave or delta sleep. These deeper levels of sleep are the most restorative and a lack of deep sleep is associated with waking up feeling less than rested and ready to go. Hypnosis is, of course, a non-drug non-medication intervention.

In the Journal article Kim Hutchinson M.D. Assistant Professor of Neurology and Sleep Medicine at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland Oregon and Bjorn Rasch of the University of Fribourg Switzerland reported that actual neurological monitoring of the death of sleep demonstrated a significant correlation between relaxing hypnosis and deep sleep.

There have been many reports of people claiming that they experience much deeper and restorative sleep but this is the first solid results of a biological basis to those reports. The measures of brain activity confirm the subjective experiences of hypnosis subjects.

Perhaps what is even more impressive is that the hypnotic subjects did not undergo hypnosis with an actual present hypnotist but instead listened to self -hypnosis recordings similar to those available on this website through Amazon.com.

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