“Engaging, entertaining ,educational and above all accessible. An introduction into and exploration of the intermingling worlds of sleep, dreams, and hypnosis that is both playful and practical. Well done.”
–David Saketkoo, Psy.D., Doctor of Clinical Psychology 

“Tying together several aspects of human life that are a great mystery to many of us but that we almost all have an instinctive fascination with, Dr. Victor Garlock has produced from his extensive clinical and teaching experience, a warm and helpful tour of some aspects of the related phenomena of hypnosis, sleep and dreaming. His book could help any interested reader deepen their understanding of what lies just beneath the surface of our conscious life. I have experienced Dr. Garlock’s warm and welcoming teaching style in person. He creates that same atmosphere in his accessible and informative book. Treat yourself to this wise little book. It could make your life much richer.”
–Rev. Gail Tapscott, Unitarian Universalist Minister, Professor of World Religions and seeker of the wisdom to be found in the unconscious. 

“Your Genius Within is an informed and accessible guide through the theoretical and practical aspects of self-hypnosis, sleep behavior and dream work. Victor deftly weaves together his experiences working with patients and leading dream workshops with the compelling history of the pioneers of sleep study, dream interpretation and hypnosis. Incorporating some of the latest research findings, he addresses common misconceptions in the popular culture about these topics and guides the reader through proven, yet simple methods to apply hypnosis, indirect suggestion and storytelling into their self-improvement projects. If you want to better appreciate how your unconscious and conscious mind can collaborate to make you a more aware and fully-realized person, Your Genius Within is an indispensable introduction.”
 –Larry Wilkner, Publisher, ProQuest LLC

“In this book, Victor Garlock provides a fascinating and vivid historical context into which he weaves a highly accessible series of interactive tools to unlock our understanding of sleep, dreams and self-hypnosis. The narrative moves freely and with great clarity between sharing scientific facts, story telling, and serving as an effective guide to those who seek a better understanding of the conscious and unconscious mind.”
–Shlomit Manson, psychotherapist

“Like a deep sea diver Dr. Garlock penetrates to the underside of the iceberg known as the unconscious mind. When you read this book you will feel as though you are meeting an old and very wise friend that has been traveling with you for a very long time. Using the vehicles of self-hypnosis and dream work Dr. Garlock lifts the veil and shines a bright light on the catacombs of the mind where the genius within resides in us all.”
–Howard Maslich, MA,  Author and President, Specialized Training Services

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