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Do you have a dream that doesn’t fit into the categories of the other forums? Use this space to share those dreams and get feedback on from either Dr. Garlock or fellow dreamers.

Using the comment function below, share your dream in as much detail as you want and wait for feedback!

By way of example, I’d like to share some dreams that had been reported by members of dream groups or individuals in dream work with me and then describe the conversations between the dreamer and other members of the group and with me.

Bradley a 55-year-old owner and manager of a convenience store reported the following repetitive dream which he found curious and baffling but not especially disturbing. He was curious about its possible meaning and wanted to get the group’s feedback.

Here is his presentation of his dream: “I had a version of this dream last night. In this particular dream I am a preschool student but at the same time I am an adult and know that I am. But at the same time I am a preschooler. As a preschooler I am looking forward to graduating to kindergarten. As an adult I am rather critical of what I think are some poor methods of teaching by the preschool teacher. I know that I am not able to voice such criticisms because after all, I am a preschooler.”

“This was the first time that I dreamed that I was quite that young but I have had a version of this dream many times usually being an elementary or middle school student. Although sometimes I am a high school student and back on the football team as I was in real life more than 35 years ago. In all of these dreams I have the dual awareness that I described in the first dream. If I’m a high school student I am a high school student. But at the same time I’m 55 years old with my present day awareness and critical abilities. I often use those abilities to criticize or to praise the actions of some teacher or fellow student. The academic part of all this is way in the background and the dreams are focused more on the social interactions that take place in school.”

The group asked Bradley what he thought the dreams might be saying to him. At first he drew a blank as he had been drawing a blank all along and thinking about this series of dreams. But then he considered the possibility that going back to school signified that he had something important to learn. Beyond that, he could not come up with anything.

In the following paragraph I will combine the comments from about six different members of the group.

Members of the group chimed in using the method that we often employ in dream groups saying: “If this were my dream it might be about”— “In this case it might be about sensing a relationship between school days and my present life. Maybe I would be drawing a parallel suggesting that I am now about ready to graduate or to move to a new phase. I might also be suggesting to myself that it’s not the serious/academic part of what’s going on that’s important but rather the emotional stuff, the social interactions, the relationships, maybe family. Maybe the dream is reminding me of the passage of time and how fleeting life is and to remember to live each day the way a child lives each day; more directly present than most of us adults. The dual consciousness in the dreams might be suggesting that I have unused critical abilities and that this is a crucial time in my life to use them more fully.”

Since the dreamer is always the final authority on whether an interpretation is valid or not we were all anxious to hear Bradley’s reaction to our collective offerings about his dream.

He surprised us with the intensity of his appreciation saying that just about every comment seemed right on the mark. As a matter of fact his life was full of transitions right now and he was trying to be oh so rational about those decisions. He said that clearly his subconscious mind was giving him a second opinion and he would take heed. He also appreciated the possibility that is critical abilities are more acute than he realizes and gives himself credit for.

It is my observation that repetitive dreams not only tell us that the subconscious mind is trying to say something important and that we are ignoring it so that it has to keep repeating it in a sense beating us over the head again and again with it. But also the fact that the repetitive dream occurs over a time span suggests that the issues involved are long-standing and will not be resolved with a simple solution. It’s more likely that a more general and gradual shift in attitudes and behaviors is what is called for.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Share Dreams

  1. Hello!
    Thanks for sharing this dream with me.
    There is certainly a powerful tendency on the part of your subconscious mind to utilize the snake as a symbol for what is going on in your subconscious mind at any given time. I would strongly suggest that you not try to find a single meaning for the snakes that keep appearing in your dreams. The snake as a symbol is very rich and can have all kinds of connotations and meanings; some of them very positive some of them negative and some of them somewhere in between.

    First of all the snake tends to have a rather unfair negative connotation in our culture. After all one of the oldest stories in our culture depicts the serpent in the garden of Eden as being the one who tempted Eve to tempt Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit. Some people interpret that story as meaning sexual temptation. So the snake symbol has that possibility. However a different interpretation is that since the snake encouraged Adam and Eve to eat of” the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” the snake was actually encouraging humankind to move out of the simple naked creature that lived in the garden of Eden and become knowledgeable. And knowledge is power. So the snake may be the vehicle for finding one’s own inner subconscious power.

    Since snakes periodically shed their skin and grow new skin, the symbol is sometimes taken to mean transformation and growth and the unfolding of the new life from within.

    I often tell people that a good way of determining what an image is all about is to check in with your emotional reaction to that image. It is significant that in none of these dreams do you report being frightened or grossed out by the snakes. Instead you seem to have an attitude of either emotional indifference or a kind of calm interest and curiosity about them. That suggests to me that the snake image does not represent some deep terrifying subconscious power but instead perhaps a way that your subconscious mind has chosen to express a lot of different things.

    I especially liked the image sequence where in the midst of neat organized houses and yards all in very orderly array the snakes suddenly and seemingly surprisingly appear. This strikes me as pointing toward the idea that when things in your life either externally or in your internal emotional life, seem orderly like you have all the answers, that the snakes show up to tell you that things are not exactly as they seem to be.

    So there are a few of my ideas about what these dreams might be about. But remember the final expert on what your dreams mean or might been rests with you. So while I hope my comments are helpful, trust your own intuitions about what I have said.

  2. When I was younger every night I would dream of snakes. Sometimes bad dreams but sometimes good. Every now and then I’ll dream of a snake, but as I got older I lucid dream more often than I did as a little kid and the snake dreams slowed down.
    When I was about 5 or 6 I had a dream that I remember every detail to like it happen yesterday.
    It starts off in a strange neighborhood, all the houses were exactly the same, and all were blinding white. Every house had emerald green yards,all were perfect and the same. At the end of these yards was a sidewalk that ran to each door of the houses. And beyond the sidewalks was mowed grass, trees, and a pond.
    I was walking a family friend home and I lived in one of these houses. She lived a couple houses down. We start walking down the sidewalk. And I saw an ant pile. Now being little kids we stop to poke at the pile and watch the ants spill out. But when I poked the pile nothing came out, so got eye level with the pile and looked down in the hole I made and replacing the ants were snakes. They resembled garter snakes. So we stand up and continue our walk and we see the pond, being my curious self I go to check out the pond. We both grab each others hands and jump into the water. Once we are under we have mermaid tails and goggles. Sounds silly. But above, around, and underneath us is nothing but snakes swimming through the water harmless. We climb out of the water and we go back to our normal selves and continue our walk to her house. As we walk I notice a mark on the sidewalk. The mark looked black like charcoal, like it was burned there. It was in the shape of a snake. We continue and we finally reach her home. She goes and I’m left to walk home alone. But when I reach the burn mark its no longer there, replacing it was a humongous shadow of the same snake that was the mark. I look over to the side of me, my back towards the yards and houses and I see a huge statue of a bright red, Orange, and yellow snake. It’s mouth was open and its head was up. Its neck sloped down, but then it’s stomach is arched off the ground. And it goes like this to were it has 3 arches and ends with its tail in the air. (Its hard to explain. Imagine a sea serpent on an old map. The way the serpent arches in and out of the water, that’s about how this snake looked.) Well the statue turned it’s head and looked right at me, and I bolted away, down and off the sidewalks towards a road and it followed. I look back as I ran and it was the snake, but I turn and look again and it was replaced by a rustic red pit bull. Then I ran into a fence of cars and I turned completely around It was a snake again and I woke up.

    Now I fell back to sleep and dreamt that I had to use the restroom very bad. I was outside, the scenery wasn’t as pretty as the last dream. But there was a porter potty, And chained in front of it was two rustic pits like the pit in the last dream. With the pits was a boy, I asked if I could use the potty he said yes. I step inside and lock the door. The potty started to shake and I look up and the shadow of a dog was on top. And there was banging and growling, and it began to shake even more. And I look up again and the dog was replaced by a giant snake. Then I woke again…
    I always thought these dreams were so strange, for example beyond the perfect manicured lawns and houses there were many snakes… just weird.

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