ESP in Dreams Case Studies

I would like to present a description of a dream which was shared with me by a man who had come to see me for hypnosis for a specific issue. Before our second session of hypnosis began he was anxious to share with me a dream that he believed was precognitive in nature. In other words, a dream that he believed predicted the future. Here is his dream as he described it and what it seemed to predict.

“I have been invited to a celebration event. I don’t know what the event is until I arrive there. When I do arrive I am told that the event is an engagement announcement. All of the friends and relatives of the couple that is announcing their engagement have been invited.”

“I am shocked and angry when I learn that it is my girlfriend who is becoming engaged to a man I have never met. Since we have a long distance relationship and only see each other about once a month, I have sometimes felt as though there is more distance both physically and emotionally than I would like. But the idea that she is becoming engaged to someone else seems totally out of the blue to me.”

This dreamer, Brad, reported that he called his girlfriend that evening and she was actually with someone at the time, and over the phone told him that she was falling in love with this other man and wanted to begin a committed relationship. Brad said that he would’ve been taken completely by surprise if he hadn’t had the dream. He said that there had been no hint of anything wrong with their relationship. He wondered about the inaccurate detail that she was actually getting engaged.

My response to Brad was to say that this is one of those dreams that doesn’t really need any symbolic interpretation. It seems to be clearly about what it literally is about. And also is a precognitive dream in that it accurately predicted a future event. The detail of the engagement doesn’t seem to me to take away from the meaning of the dream. Engagement is a formalized commitment and his girlfriend did say that she was now entering a committed relationship.

In attempting to understand the dynamics of this precognitive dream, I would suggest that although Brad did not pick up any conscious clues for the coming event, his subconscious mind may very well have noticed that something was not quite right with his girlfriend. Then the subconscious mind put the evidence together and created the dream that reflected Brad’s inner observations and his legitimate prediction that his girlfriend would break up with him.

It is also possible, however, that there was no observable evidence and that the dream came from some other source that we don’t really understand when it comes to precognitive dreams. Either way the dream is an impressive example of how the inner mind can show us information that we otherwise don’t have available to us.

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