Bedtime Self-hypnosis

In my book, Your Genius Within, there are self-hypnosis scripts to effectively get you started in your self-improvement projects. My professional recordings of these scripts are available on this website. Also available are recordings for specific goals such as quitting smoking, getting a better night sleep, improving dream recall and others.

I will now teach you a straightforward self hypnosis technique that you can practice on your own, that takes advantage of the twilight zone between being awake and being asleep that we pass through every night.

You’ll not need to listen to a recorded script in order to do this bedtime self-hypnosis. Instead, just read the following instructions and rehearse the technique now or later.

When you decide to work on learning this technique, make sure that you are in a situation where you can relax and not be distracted for about 10 minutes. Practicing this technique will take you into your own inner world, so make sure you’re in a safe and comfortable place. Read and practice the following instructions a few times and you’ll be set to use the technique at bedtime.

Alternately you can order the recording available on this website that will take you through the entire process.

After you’ve settled down into bed and are in the comfortable position in which you normally go to sleep, I want you to repeat a phrase 20 times. I’ll describe the exact nature of that phrase in a moment, but first I want to describe for you how you will proceed to repeat the phrase 20 times.

In order to keep track of how many times you’ve said the phrase, and to push the phrase deeply into your unconscious mind, I want you to press down ever so slightly with each finger on each hand in turn, going through each hand twice for a total of 20 times.

So you start with the thumb on your left hand and press and say the phrase. Now, when you say the phrase, don’t say it out loud. Don’t even move your lips. Just think the phrase in your mind. And as you press down with your fingers, don’t exert very much pressure at all. Just move your fingers ever so slightly, just enough pressure to keep track of where you are in the sequence of repeating the phrase 20 times.

You can use this technique to give yourself any positive post-hypnotic suggestion. For now, let’s use a general positive suggestion that promotes two things that most of us want more of. The phrase is: “I’m feeling more relaxed and confident every day.”

Follow along with me in your mind and with your fingers as we practice this procedure which you’ll use at bedtime. As you read the following words, follow along with your fingers and imagine that you’re lying in bed practicing this technique of self-hypnosis. Then, tonight, you will begin using it regularly.

Again, follow along with me, pressing each finger in turn starting with the thumb of your left-hand. Press and think: “I’m feeling more relaxed and confident everyday.” Then the first finger: “I’m feeling more relaxed and confident everyday.” Then the middle finger: “I’m feeling more relaxed and confident everyday.” Ring finger: “I’m feeling more relaxed and confident everyday.” Pinky: “I’m feeling more relaxed and confident everyday.” Then move on to your right hand and do it again. Return to your left-hand and then on to your right-hand once again for a total of 20 times.

And that’s all there is to it. You just move through each hand twice, pressing with your fingers ever so slightly as you think the phrase, following along with each press of your fingers. This process will move the phrase gradually down into the space between your conscious and unconscious mind. The transition between being awake and being asleep is a perfect window through which to enter helpful and creative information into that space. In this case, that information will lead to increased feelings of relaxation and confidence.

If after 20 repetitions of the phrase you’re still awake, you could start over and repeat the phrase another 20 times. On the other hand, you may drift off to sleep before you’ve even finished the first 20 repetitions of the phrase. That would be just fine. The words will drift into the space between your conscious and your unconscious mind as you drift off to sleep.

How to Create an Effective Bedtime Self-Hypnosis Phrase

An effective self suggestion must always be worded in a positive way. The reason for this is that the unconscious mind actually tends to hear negatives as positives. For instance if I say to you “don’t think of a pink elephant”. What’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Of course, it’s the pink elephant.

So if you’re trying to quit smoking you don’t say “I won’t want to smoke any more” because your unconscious mind may very well focus solely on the words “want to smoke.” This is why many efforts at self improvement backfire.

A positive phrase for quitting smoking might be: “I’m gaining more and more control over by troublesome habit.” You’ll notice that the phrase is positive and doesn’t even mention the word smoking. So there’s no chance for backfire and the affirmation stresses the positive outcome of self control.

The phrase you use should be simple and straightforward and focus on only one goal at a time. The following phrases may seem obvious and simplistic. But these phrases can be powerful when repeated each night during the hypnagogic stage of pre-sleep. Give this technique a try for several weeks and I am certain you will be pleasantly, even dramatically surprised.

A List of Suggested Bedtime Self Hypnosis Phrases

The following phrases are suggestions for the indicated self-improvement projects. But keep in mind that the phrase you use should be comfortable for you and strike you as natural and meaningful to repeat at bedtime. So it is not only acceptable but recommended that you modify the phrases to fit your own style and purposes.

Sticking to a healthy diet: “I feel full and satisfied on my healthy diet.”

Getting a good nights sleep: “I sleep peacefully and soundly the whole night through.”

Overcoming the fear of public speaking: “I feel calm and confident while speaking in front of a group.”

Improving dream recall: “I welcome and remember my dreams.”

Increasing lucid dreaming: “I’m becoming increasingly aware while I’m dreaming.”

Relaxation and stress management: “I slow down and find peace in the midst of my days.”

Overcoming the fear of flying: “I feel comfortable and safe while I’m flying.”

Combating regret: “I focus on today and look forward to tomorrow.”

Overcoming procrastination: “I successfully tackle one manageable task at a time.”

Enhancing creativity: “My inner creativity is becoming increasingly available to me.”

Increasing self-confidence: “I feel my self-confidence growing stronger every day.”

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