About Dr. Victor Garlock

Victor P. Garlock, Ph.D. has taught psychology and education courses at a community college, a liberal arts college, a private vocational institute, and a maximum security prison. Among many other college-level courses, he has taught classes on sleep, dreams, hypnosis and meditation. He earned his doctorate from Cornell University where he was also a researcher in the department of psychology and the graduate school of education. Dr. Garlock has conducted enrichment programs for elementary, middle and high school students on the topics of sleep and dreams. He has also led in-service workshops on hypnosis and stress management for hospitals, community mental health centers and private corporations. As a psychotherapist Dr. Garlock has utilized hypnotherapy and dream interpretation in this work for over 30 years. As a consulting hypnotist Dr. Garlock has worked with professionals in the fields of medicine, dentistry, sports and law enforcement among others.

Hypnosis Can Improve Sleep

sleeping babyWeb M.D. and Health Day recently reported that a scholarly article appearing in the Journal Sleep has found that hypnosis can deepen sleep by increasing the amount of time spent in slow wave or delta sleep. These deeper levels of sleep are the most restorative and a lack of deep sleep is associated with waking up feeling less than rested and ready to go. Hypnosis is, of course, a non-drug non-medication intervention.

In the Journal article Kim Hutchinson M.D. Assistant Professor of Neurology and Sleep Medicine at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland Oregon and Bjorn Rasch of the University of Fribourg Switzerland reported that actual neurological monitoring of the death of sleep demonstrated a significant correlation between relaxing hypnosis and deep sleep.

There have been many reports of people claiming that they experience much deeper and restorative sleep but this is the first solid results of a biological basis to those reports. The measures of brain activity confirm the subjective experiences of hypnosis subjects.

Perhaps what is even more impressive is that the hypnotic subjects did not undergo hypnosis with an actual present hypnotist but instead listened to self -hypnosis recordings similar to those available on this website through Amazon.com.

Hypnosis for Paint Management, Part II

pain managementThis blog is a follow-up to an earlier entry about the use of hypnosis in pain management.

A recent CBS news story entitled Hypnosis is the New Anesthesia” describes the increasing popularity of using hypnosis in place of general anesthesia in modern medicine. The story presents a description of a patient named Crystal Place who underwent thyroid surgery at a major hospital in Brussels Belgium. Continue reading

San Francisco Giants Consult Sleep Doctor

san fran giants logoConsulting a sleep doctor may have given the San Francisco Giants baseball team the advantage they needed to win the World Series.

Every major league baseball player experiences the stress of a truly messed up sleep schedule. Teams travel from one time zone to another often playing well into the night and then catching a flight to a different time zone arriving at five or six in the morning. This kind of scheduling plays havoc with the body’s natural circadian rhythms and significantly reduces efficiency, concentration, focus and energy levels. Continue reading

Bad Dreams Predict Success

Bad dreams the night before taking an exam may very well improve your performance on the exam the next day. This seems like a strange assertion to make but research reportedMathEquations in Psychology Today seems to confirm this finding among college students.

This study focused on medical students and it turns out that a majority of medical students dream about an exam the night before it’s scheduled. Most of those dreams involve some kind of frustration or failure in the exam. Students dream of being late for the exam, discovering that they are unprepared and are unable to respond correctly to specific questions. These dreams cause considerable anxiety during sleep and will sometimes wake the student up and may result in a period of sleeplessness. Continue reading

Lucid Dreams Help with Nightmares

The online publication Livescience recently reported on research demonstrating the r-NIGHTMARES-large570advantages of lucid dreaming especially for people suffering from nightmares and even more specifically for those with the sleep disorder narcolepsy. The research was conducted by Martin Dresler researcher at the Max Planck Institute for psychiatry in Munich Germany. Continue reading

Hypnosis for Pain Management, Part I

It has of course long been known that hypnosis can be very effective in pain control. A flurry of research findings in recent years however, has engendered articles and stories in the popular media.

Hypnosis has shown itself to be effective for preoperative anxiety as well as lowering the amount of anesthesia required during surgery and the amount of painkillers necessary for pain control postoperatively.

ABC news recently ran a story about a woman who used a hypnosis recording to ease her anxiety before going into breast surgery. She reported that hypnosis helped her to move from a state of panic to a place of quiet acceptance of her upcoming necessary surgery.

Read Hypnosis for Pain Management, Part II.

Tips for Quitting Smoking

  1. Make up your mind and make a commitment to quit smoking on a certain date.
  2. Make a list of the reasons for quitting and review that list often throughout your day.
  3. Realize that nicotine is an addicting drug so that after you have had your last cigarette give your body a chance to “sober up” gradually by using some form of nicotine replacement such as nicotine chewing gum or nicotine patches. Continue reading

Bedtime Self-hypnosis

In my book, Your Genius Within, there are self-hypnosis scripts to effectively get you started in your self-improvement projects. My professional recordings of these scripts are available on this website. Also available are recordings for specific goals such as quitting smoking, getting a better night sleep, improving dream recall and others.

I will now teach you a straightforward self hypnosis technique that you can practice on your own, that takes advantage of the twilight zone between being awake and being asleep that we pass through every night. Continue reading

Self-hypnosis and Our Sensory World

For some of us, the world is a visual playground full of all kinds of sights to feast our eyes on. For others, the world is full of sounds. Still others seem to feel their way through their days.

Of course, if our sensory equipment is working properly, we use all three kinds of ways of being in the world. But the interesting thing is that most of us have a favorite channel of experience. To get the most out of your self-hypnosis work, it would be a good idea to figure out which kind of person you are. That is why there are four different introductory self-hypnosis inductions available on this website. (One that emphasizes each of the three sensory modalities, and one that is mixed) Continue reading